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  • VRotein KIOSK
  • VRotein KIOSK


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One-Stop solution that provides H/W and S/W(platform+contents) for enjoying VR contents. KIOSK type module that can experience VR contents with minimum space

1. Hardware
- Specialized in space: Easy to install and move with KIOSK type integrated module
- Using less space: Additional sales to existing space (ex. PC room, cafe, karaoke etc.)
- Maintenance: Easy maintenance on overseas due to using HP product, so that can guarantee for 3 years

2. Software - VRoadcast(VRotein Platform)
- Provide over 50 contents: Provide popular VR titles such as Arizona sunshine, Counterfights, Airtone
- Continuous contents updates: Automatically new registered games through the platform
- Inserting our own security system: Executing unauthorized programs, preventing piracy of games in the platform. Protecting IP rights of content developers
- Platform management program: Minimize cost by voice chatting between administrator and user
- Reliable sales revenue: Through the system, can check play time and expected sales revenue of each game.

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