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A world where peace has been destroyed by the Dark Lord 'Sekneum'. After facing the despair of losing the parents who took him in, there is only one way for Niro to escape slavery and protect his two younger siblings: Graduating from 'Excanum', the academy once attended by current emperor 'Muren', who was also once a slave! Will Niro be able to escape his distress and enter 'Excanum'?

Webtoon 'Slave B' is a fantasy work based on the universe of Webzen's classic PC MMORPG game, 'MU Online'.
The story takes place in a world where peace has been destroyed by the Dark Lord 'Sekneum', and Niro, the protagonist, must overcome his status as a slave and pave his own path. A total of 5 main characters appear in this story that blends in fun, competition, friendship and love.
Currently, Season 1 is in service in Korea, China, and France, but we are planning on expanding the distribution to other global regions in the future.
We are also planning to produce Season 2 in 2021 and hope to offer readers a finished story filled with adventure and excitement.