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Basil : Earth life guide

  • Basil : Earth life guide
  • Basil : Earth life guide
  • Basil : Earth life guide


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'Basil : Earth life Guide' is the series book for whom wants to learn how to live for the sustainable life. With Basil, You'll be the Earth guardians against the climate crisis.

A guide for our future: Basil: Earth life guide
In times of climate crisis, looking into life for sustainable life.
In times of climate crisis, our future may not exist as it is now.
Anyone can do it right away without a burden in life!
That can enrich our lives too!! Find that way and share it with you.
Good life to learn in life, sustainable practice items! – Basil

<Main composition>
Through'Intro' and'Inside', we look into the problems we are experiencing,
Through'Therapy' and'Outside', choose one thing you can practice at home and outside.
'What's this' will inform you of questions about why it should be done through expert interviews, Fact Check OX, and Numbers. You can also see what happened in history through Short Story!
And see through'Outro' about the daily life that the things we practice can keep.
'Together' not only looks into people's thoughts through a national petition, but also presents 5 actions we can take.

* Number of pages: around 100 pages
* Plate type: 182mm X 254mm
* Paper: Mohawk's Loop Particle paper (100% recycled paper, carbon neutral)
* Bookbinding method: wireless binding (normal book binding)
* Print chromaticity: 4 degree color

How to Make Basil
In order to practice deforestation, protection of organisms, and climate change, we have paid close attention to all processes to minimize environmental destruction and reuse throughout the entire production process of magazines.
-Maintain carbon neutrality and use 100% recycled paper produced by wind power generation
◎ Carbon neutral: Plant trees as much as the amount of carbon emitted while producing paper, invest in clean energy fields such as wind power and solar power
It means making carbon emissions zero by purchasing carbon credits.
-With non-toxic soybean oil printing and non-alcohol printing, children can safely bite and wash.
-Excluding various plastics, even shipping packaging
People who make basil Who Makes BASIL
The climate crisis, dreaming of sustainable life-Wilden
The Guide to Sustainable Living, Basil, is created by Wilden, who dreams of "sustainable life on Earth" all together in times of climate crisis.

Wilden's philosophy
Starting with the motto of "Let's practice a life that coexists with nature in everyday life," Wilden intends to go forward with the following mission.
-We live only when the earth lives.
-As far as the environment is concerned, there are neither borders nor races
-Practice is everything.
-Practice should be routine and easy.

Social contribution activities
Wilden Co., Ltd. uses part of the profits generated through the magazine Basil for donations and activities for environmental campaigns to respond to climate change.
To this end, we are currently donating to UNHCR's'Climate Refugees' and'Forest of Life', and in addition to this, we will continue to carry out activities to contribute to society in the following areas.
-Donations and activities related to climate change response
-Donations and activities for climate refugees
-Donations and activities to protect biodiversity
Shipping information
* In case of overseas, additional shipping fee will be added.