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In a situation where VR game writers who woke up after three years of explosion are confused whether they are real or in a game, they face a black conspiracy by the coalition government.

Noah's ark had to have a mate to board, so the ship that arrived first went out again and brought back a friend, which was "evil." After that, good and evil are always accompanied. -Talmud-

[Expertive Technology VS Human Value]

The development of science is always regarded as the long-cherished work of mankind. And it is often focused on convenience and convenience rather than side effects.
In the near future, the disaster-stricken coalition government tries to get its hands on ultra-technology even by selling its own people to the unknown, Upper Hands, and Noah in the independent district stands up to restore humanity. The story is based on an alien named Upper Hands, but human-centered thinking surrounding a fully formatted human is the key.
Here, the heroine "Gio" intervenes to find her missing fiancé, finding the black conscience and conspiracy of an office group hidden under the surface of the glacier, and the goodness of a human being who is still.

What choice would you make if you were a leader in a changing society? Or what would a victim do? Human beings change, and change, depending on the circumstances.
Now, I hope that through the main characters of Whitehead, I can think again about the vague anxiety of reality and how to greet the future society that has come to the door.

Selection of the Science Creation Foundation's Convergence Content Support Project in 2019 [White Head]