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  • CARTOON Cartoon/Webtoon
  • Platform
  • Genre
    Genuine cartoon
  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    60 episodes
  • Target
    Women in 10~30s


vampire romance story, seeking true love beyond the curse of the family.

University freshman Eun-jo Cho is bounded with her favorite celebrity Eun-pa Ji through an immediate senior-junior tie called, ‘Familying’. Eun-jo is thrilled about the dream-like reality for a moment, but she hears strange noises coming from downstairs and takes the liberty to make a visit to the neighbor downstairs. And she is suddenly bitten by Eun-pa in her neck!? Eun-pa, on the other hand, realizes that Eun-jo’s blood is something special compared to that of Hae-in Ban, the ‘vampire bride-to-be’, who is now his fiancee and will quench his thirst for blood. Since then Eun-pa has been circling around Eun-jo due to the unconscious attraction. Eun-pa’s long-time fan, Eun-jo, is confused about how to accept this situation. Eventually, once the events in the past are revealed, Eun-jo turns out to be a true vampire bride of Eun-pa, Eun-jo and Eun-pa try to break the curse. It is a vampire romance story, seeking true love beyond the curse of the family.