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A game for dating promises to complete a down on her luck restau- rant CEO if she joins.

Hwang Na-rae, manages the ‘greedy maiden’ BBQ restaurant during the day and then becomes an author writing a Harley Quinn romance at night since she was in her 20s. She had never experienced her first love, and had only dealt with a large number of older men at her BBQ restaurant hitting on her, which made her fantasy and reality even more different. Then, a friend of who was well aware of her situation arranges a blind date. Na- rae feels excited for the first time when she meets a perfect man with perfect looks, beautiful eyes and fantastic manners that meet every one of her standards of her future husband in her eyes. Desperate, Na-rae drinks alone after the blind date, and gets a message while on a bus while she’s going home drunk.

“These days, if you recommend Love City, you’ll get a gift.” It says.
“Please join us right now.”
“Come in, please. Let’s start Love City!”